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Welcome to Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitting Service, where your little jesters are treated like royalty in the comfort of their own castle!


•Leaving your kingdom and need someone to watch your pets?

•Is Fido becoming “Fatso” and you need someone to walk him?

•Feeling guilty working long hours and leaving your pet home alone?

•Tired of imposing on neighbors?

•Neighbors tired of you imposing?

•Is Kitty scratching the furniture more than you're scratching her?

•Aren't your pets better off at home, even if you're not?


Did you answer "yes" to any of these questions?

Look no farther than Reigning Cats & Dogs Pet Sitting Service.

REIGNING CATS & DOGS PET SITTING SERVICE can provide you with some solutions by offering services including dog walking, pet sitting, basic house sitting, poop scooping and even a "Welcome Back" grocery service.

From a mid-day dog walk while you're working to full-time pet care while you're vacationing, REIGNING CATS & DOGS PET SITTING SERVICE will be there for you and your pets.

REIGNING CATS & DOGS PET SITTING SERVICE is also a great option if you're crate training a puppy, working late or are physically unable to walk the dog.

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